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I am offering Copies of my new film, Steel City Surfers, the Journey to Gerry on DVD or as a Digital Download. The DVDs are hand pressed and numbered.

DVD $14.99 

Please include your address on the order and I will personalize your copy. Shipping is included in the $14.99 Price.  For the Digital Download I will need a valid email address.


The film is also available on Amazon Video Direct as Download or Pay Per View.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need assistance.


Learn about surfing the snow.

Early snowboarders designed and rode boards that emulated surfing.  As the sport evolved it was influenced and shaped by popular culture.  Gymnastics, Skateboarding, Alpine Skiing and Ski Schools all played a roll in shaping the culture.

Many modern snowboarders have never ridden a wave on a surfboard.  Those whom enjoy surfing the snow now ride and compete on purpose built boards that pay tribute to those original snowboard surfers!