river lake snow

Bryan Murray has surfed in the zone. Deep inside a tube of rushing water and light. So removed from the rest of the world that he can see individual droplets of water tumble slow-mo like so much dandelion fluff.

“It’s the closest you can come to touching God,” Murray said. “It’s that meaningful to me.

featuring Pittsburgh Area surfers

Stephen Yount

“We surf the rivers and we surf the lakes and we surf the snow and we surf at the ocean. But it’s all the same thing.”

Jade Vamos

“ Always wanted to surf growing up …when I was 24 started snowboarding, tried surfing when I was 28. Been surfing ever since love em both. “Pure Stoke, it’s a feeling, just can’t describe it, you gotta live it – Beautiful.”

Bryan Murray

“I grew up chasing waves all over North Carolina. When I moved to West Virginia I surfed the snow and started finding waves everywhere.”