Surf Quest Dates and Schedule

Friday January 29 – Sunday January 31st.

Call or Text with your email address to receive the log-ins for getting Lift Tickets Right Away.

304-639-4905 (Bryan Murray)

We have been selling out so try and get them soon. Patagonia Pittsburgh putting up a generous Gift Bag for our Competitors as well as other gifts and prizes from Willy’s Ski and Board.

Friday@7pm Surf Film Night at my place. (Buck Ridge)

Saturday@8am Meet on the Snow near Polar Bear Lift. Look for Elevated Surf Craft Snowboard Line Up.

Sunday — to be discussed with group. Probably go run the new Boarder Cross Set-Up.

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Surf Quest 2021 @ 7 Springs

Come learn how to surf the snow.  Take your wave game to the mountains and search out the many surf spots are waiting to be discovered.Surfers have been riding Snowboards since the sport began and now boards are available that have the same ride characteristics of your favorite surf stick.

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River waves are really weird.

Rideable standing waves exist on waterways with elevation drops and hard structure that create the wave. Sufficient water flow rate and vertical drop play a role in the wave quality and rideablity.

These waves are weird because you are surfing against a very strong current in a very confined space. This is very different than riding a rolling wave in a large open area like a traditional surfing wave.

Finding and riding these waves are challenging and require a surfboard that is shorter front to back, wider for balance and thicker to float over the churned up water.

Wind driven swells pound the lakes massive shoreline.

Wind driven swells hit the United States longest coastline with rideable waves of all shapes and sizes. As you learn to read the weather and begin traveling the nooks and crannies of the Great Lakes massive shoreline you will be rewarded with great lake surf sessions.

Timing is very critical as swell windows are narrow and short-lived. The Steel City Surfers are closest to Presque Isle State Park in Erie PA and they also travel to the Cleveland Ohio area as well. Point Breaks and Novelty Waves are the norm.